The Game - A Gaming Ecosystem

THE GAME strives to become the meeting point for everything blockchain gaming. We are creating a social dedicated to players and investors in this rapidly developing field.

We will enable game developers to use THE GAME token as a payment method.

Collaborations with specialized magazines and platforms in the gaming sector so our users can stay up to date with new developments in the world of blockchain gaming.

Our platform will provide gaming focused projects on the blockchain a place to advertise their products. The first step into the traditional world of gaming and payments will be collaborating with local gaming stores and magazines.

We will create a platform where new games can be sponsored and made known

A lot of big sports teams, especially in football (soccer), are starting to enter the crypto space. With our token we can collaborate with them to tokenize products ranging from season tickets to merchandise.


Visit PancakeSwap and click on "Connect Wallet" (top right) to connect.

Input your desired amount of $BNB you want to exchange for The Game. Then click 'Swap'. Remember, you need to leave some funds in your wallet to cover the BNB transaction fees. Note: If you get an error, click in the gear icon and increase the slippage tolerance between 8-12%. (Please ensure you're using V2).


Total Supply

1600M TG

  • Liquidity Progressively | 758.749.589 TG
  • Burn | 300.000.000 TG
  • Other Swaps | 292.000.000 TG
  • Team | 144.000.000 TG
  • Liquidity Pool | 29.000.000 TG
  • Marketing | 24.000.000 TG
  • Presale | 19.000.000 TG
  • Airdrop | 14.000.000 TG



  • Marketing | 4%
  • Redistribution | 4%
  • Lottery | 2%
  • Liquidity Pool | 1%


  • Wallet for future swaps (0x7Efc9a83eC4Ca8716764871f1c6c4d17E55b342F) | Locked
  • Wallet Team Tokens (0x7Efc9a83eC4Ca8716764871f1c6c4d17E55b342F)| Locked
  • Wallet tokens to add more liquidity (0x0F7A6F09D1091f140915E2b3883134069BBFd8B4) | Locked
  • Wallet lottery (0x4f264a63a1FC996Dc0b16efa86f3B7B766ECb8BD)
  • Wallet marketing (0xC7b244F558d45ED63DBc8cb5208f8BB15ea3e02A)
  • Wallet marketing PTB (0x439935c19CB23A240e0DDdfF0D5fA762Fb62ECE4)





Q4 2021

  • Contract creation
  • Website
  • Game creation
  • Presale launch
  • Launch The Game
  • CoinGecko Listing

Q1 2022

  • Launch 1st Game
  • Youtuber Channel
  • Launch of collaboration with Gamers
  • Social App for gamers
  • CMC Listing

Q2 2022

  • Collaboration with magazines specialized on gaming
  • Launch The game swap
  • Launch the game Fantasy Football

Q3 2022

  • Web TV launch on the world of gaming
  • Launch 2nd Game



Foto Jose

Jose | KYC


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